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We love the Yorkshire Wolds. We live here, work from here, and cycle all over the Wolds and surrounding areas with friends and family, and we know it is a wonderful place for some of the best, ‘back roads and big skies cycling’.  

Working for and with, sustainable transport charity Sustrans, we have been instrumental in the development of many of the cycle routes in the area including, the Way of the Roses route, Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route and Big Skies Bike Rides. As part of the local Sustrans volunteer group, we continue to help look after the National Cycle Network in the area. 

Our aim is to help make the Yorkshire Wolds area a cycling destination of choice for more UK and overseas visitors. We will do this by providing a superb online resource for those seeking ideas and further information for a cycling break or longer holiday. We will also provide extensive information on where cycling visitors can expect a friendly welcome, find interesting places to visit, locate cycle friendly places to stay, and obtain, good quality, local produce and food and drink.

We welcome feedback so please feel free to contact us and let us know about your experiences.

Rupert and Ann

Cooper Douglas Partnership

Email: contact@cycleyorkshirewolds.com or write to: 5 Rose Crown Court, Fridaythorpe. YO25 9RS

The Wolds

The Wolds is a term used in England, to describe a range of hills which consists of open country overlying a base of limestone or chalk.

Wold, is derived from the old English Wald meaning forest. Over the years the meaning has changed from forest to open high ground. The suggested reason for this change of meaning, is that originally Wold would have applied to high forest land  and that when the forest had been cleared the name survived, particularly in the Cotswold, and the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Wolds.

“Westward before her, rose fold upon fold of the encircling hills, piled rich and golden.” Description of the Yorkshire Wolds by Winifred Holtby in ‘East Riding’.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TheWolds

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